Church History

A Brief History of Gonzalez United Methodist Church

A log house type church was built in Gonzalez in 1876 on property donated by James and Frances Roberts and Daniel and Weltha Shepard. Professor James M. Tate was persuaded by a friend to move to Gonzalez where he became schoolmaster and preacher, thus strengthening the ties between education and the church. The church was called the Powellton Charge because the preacher served several communities. It was connected with the Epworth League of the Methodist Episcopal Church South.

In 1897, under the leadership of the Reverend J. C. Johnson, the log church became a post office and a new church was erected to the South of the original site on the knoll in front of the cemetery where lay the remains of members of families prominent in the history of Gonzalez United Methodist Church: Hendrix, Shepard, Lathram, Waters, Mackey, Bradley, Hall, Webb, Pierce, Archer and others. The new church, dedicated in 1898 with the Reverend A. H. Moore in charge is the church used for worship today. A parsonage and an educational building were built in the late 1950’s. A new educational building was erected in the 1970’s and a new parsonage built in the 1980’s. In addition, the church members provide a scout facility and a library for use by the community.

The Sanctuary

Dating back to the late 1800’s, the sanctuary of Gonzalez United Methodist Church has 12 pews on each side of a center aisle. It can hold around 150 people. Traditional services are held here.

The Winston D. Jay Community Life Center (CLC)

The CLC opened in August 2004 – just in time to serve as a hurricane shelter for our church members during Ivan. The contemporary worship service and Sunday School classes are held here.

Be a Part of History!  Take Part in Our Brick Project!

The Brick Project is in support of our Capital Fund for the Church.  This is a permanent project in which a brick may be purchased and inscribed to honor or memorialize someone, or a simple expression of gratitude, prayerfulness, to the Glory and Honor of God, a recognition of a special event, and so forth.  Initially the bricks will be placed to the immediate right of the steps into the Sanctuary.  This may be moved or extended at a later date.  There is a minimum order of 10 bricks per purchase.  If you would have questions about this project, please contact the Church office. Each brick is $50.00 and payment must accompany order.

Important Inscription information: For the engraving of each brick, there are a maximum of 4 lines per brick, but only 3 are recommended!  There is a maximum of 21 spaces per line, but only 18 are recommended by the manufacturing company.

Order form can be obtained through the Church office.