Christian Education

Has God ever spoken to you?

Think about it: Have you ever heard the voice of God?

The question may invoke an epic splitting of the heavens. You may imagine the voice of an actor who has portrayed God on the small or silver screen. You may think that you aren’t important enough to hear from God.

Friend, we have wonderful, life-changing news for you! God HAS spoken directly to you. Yes, you! God reveals Godself to all God’s children (children, youth, and adults) each day through the God-inspired words in The Bible.

Christian education can help you:

  •  Talk to your children about God;
  • Discover God’s plan for your life;
  • Understand why bad things happen to good people (and why good things happen to bad people);
  • Know the power of grace;
  • Embrace why Jesus died for you before you were born;
  • Reconcile with your loved ones AND those you don’t like very much;
  • Realize that there is no offense possible (not substance abuse, not stealing, not even murder) that God can’t forgive.

Christian education teaches, equips, and transforms all of us into the people God created us to be. Please join us on the amazing journey.