Covered Dish Luncheon May 18th

Reminder – Covered Dish Lunch sponsored by the RISK group this Sunday May 18, 2014 following the 11 AM Service…

Join the fun of our covered dish lunch  –  Everyone is invited!

The men will be serving the women  –  The women won the pennies war!

Please bring the following food items, that has the first letter of your last name by it. IF you would like to bring an additional dish or something else please feel free to do so. This is just a guide to insure we have a variety. There are some seniors in our Church family that no longer cook so please bring enough to feed your family as well as others.


A – Vegetable and Dessert

B – Meat or Meat Casserole and Vegetable

C – Meat or Meat Casserole and Dessert

D – Salad and Dessert

E – Meat and vegetable

F – Dessert and Salad

G – casserole and Bread

H – Vegetable and Dessert

 J – Meat and Dessert

K – Vegetable and Salad

L – Meat and Dessert

M – Meat and Vegetable

N – Salad and Casserole

P – Vegetable and Salad

R – Bread and Dessert

S – Meat and Casserole

T – Meat and Vegetable

W – Salad and Bread

Z – Bread and Dessert



Drinks will be provided


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