Thank you for your interest in the finance and stewardship ministry at Gonzalez United Methodist Church. Although our ministry team has many responsibilities, our primary job is to manage the financial resources of our church family. We do that in a number of different ways, but some of our most important responsibilities include:

  • Providing financial direction to our church family. In providing that direction, we hope to demonstrate that faithful stewards are in place who have a financial plan, a sense of direction, and the ability to effectively monitor our ongoing finances.
  • Providing for the annual funding program of our church family. This is what we commonly call our annual stewardship campaign where we as, a church family, pledge to support the operations of our church for the upcoming calendar year.
  • Preparing, administering, and monitoring the operating budget of the church family. The budget is an essential management tool for our ministry team and church leaders. At each monthly meeting, we discuss the operating budget and the financial condition of our church family.
  • Providing financial communications to our church family. We often do this through the weekly worship bulletins. We also prepare and present monthly financial statements for our church family. These statements are available at our monthly meetings and the bi-monthly administrative board meetings, both of which are open to anyone in our church family. These statements are also available through the church office.
  • Encouraging everyone in our church family to be good stewards of their time, talents, and gifts, including their financial resources.

Responsibility for the financial health of our church family is an awesome and humbling task. We want you to know that we understand and appreciate that responsibility. At each meeting, we pray for God to lead our discussions and our decisions and to help us be good stewards of all that has been entrusted to us. We also want you to know that we appreciate your prayers for our ministry team and for the finances of our church family.